Derk-Jan Karenbeld at Courmayeur
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TEDxDelft Salon

Alone in the light

14min talk

Humans have a remarkable quality over all other species. We have the ability to inflict fear upon ourselves. When we're young, most of us are afraid of the things that live under our beds, but as we grow up we usually stop being scared as we know that there's nothing hiding. It's Ignorance that feeds our fears and the things we do not understand are almost instinctively seen as dangerous or scary. We try to find the knowledge to get out of the dark so we can stop fearing the unknown. But once we get to the light, it can be very lonely.


PrEP and the United Kingdom

2.5min interview

Interview by Bailey van Dijke about Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), a new HIV prevention approach where HIV-negative individuals use anti-HIV medications to reduce their risk of becoming infected if they are exposed to the virus and the recent decision by the United Kingdom parliament tol keep this prevention drug out of the general healthcare package.

Network cable

Retroshare Network Configurations

7min read

Over the past few days there has been a lot of questions around the network configurations of Retroshare, an application that provides secure Friend-To-Friend (F2F) networks. There is not a lot of humanly readable documentation on the matter. I’ve been a Retroshare user for over 14 months at the time of writing and wrote this article as a part of a series on retroshare. In this article I’ll explain each of the four network configurations and their consequences.

Laptop in the darkness

Darknet - Its evolution and its problems

7min read

These days we share a lot of both public and private bits and bytes, and when that data is somewhat private, whether it is music, books, images, financial data or a simple conversation, we usually don’t like people tapping in or logging that we are sharing and maybe more importantly what we are sharing.

The channels we use today make it so much easier to distribute anything we want, sadly resulting in a lot of illegal activity, which in turn is increasing both the means of copyright protection and the quality and quantity of monitoring data streams. So these channels have their downsides, such as their weaknes-ses when it comes to obscuring the act and the data itself or the pollution of fake fi les by agencies that try to stop our happy sharing activities.

Bits and pieces

1min read
Bits. Bits and pieces. Bits and Bytes. I see the spinner whilst it compiles. Waiting. Chunks of code. Bits and pieces. My mind reduced to machinery; logic; harsh, rude and singular truth. I . I save. I press the button. I watch the spinner. Code lights up as exceptions are thrown.