Talks in Bits and Pieces

Talks by Derk-Jan Karrenbeld

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  1. Talk: Exercis[em] is Excellent

    Lightning talk about the benefits of exercising on Exercism, a platform for developers to achieve fluency in a (new) programming language.

  2. Talk: Practically Accessible

    Getting started with accessibility in practice. A talk given at A11Y.Lowlands, an event by the Lowlands Community.

  3. Slides: Lessons from Production (no longer available)

    Some API design guidelines for building scalable, predictable and sane interfaces, extracted from API’s with over 1 million req/hour. A talk given at Sardines.rb, the Lisbon Ruby meetup group.

  4. Slides: Use Standards (no longer available)

    A talk on using standards: (don't) be smart. Given at Rotterdam.rb, The Rotterdam Ruby meetup group.