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Here we go again

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I've written extensively before, especially when I had cancer. The blog is not lost; still accessible through a sub-domain: The content is stale, the English is not that great, but it's still all there.

“📑 Article Time”. This is the name of a recurring event in my calendar that I added the first week of this year. Each day I want(ed) to give my self at least a single hour, completely dedicated to writing. It doesn't mean that I want to write each day, or that I have to publish an Article each day; it means that I have some me-time.

And then I didn't use a single one of them.

It's just not been a priority — It being ‘me-time’ — and that's a Bad Thing™. So. Starting today, I will once more put my thoughts on digital paper and publish it whenever I can. Both to clear my mind, but also to share my findings. I'll cross-post dev-related content on; it will always have a home here as well.

As for bits and pieces: In 2015 I wrote a short poem based on some challenge, which has since been the 404 page of the company website. Here it is in full:

Bits. And pieces.

By Derk-Jan Karrenbeld published on

Bits. Bits and pieces. Bits and Bytes. I see the spinner whilst it compiles. Waiting. Chunks of code. Bits and pieces. My mind reduced to machinery; logic; harsh, rude and singular truth.

I type. I save. I press the button. I watch the spinner.

Code lights up as exceptions are thrown. Thrown exceptions, breaking the code in bits and pieces. Like a CPU, my mind goes into overdrive, heating up ever so slightly. Where did I go wrong, what did I do wrong. I think, I linger.

I type. I save. I press the button. I watch the spinner.

“It works for me”, “Not enough information”, “By Design”. Writing on the interwebs can only answer my lingering questions so much. Piece by piece I will find the solution and write the code, from mind to machinery.

I type. I save. I want to press the button

My mind wanders and I am lost.